Drop Forging

Drop forging is a manufacturing process that involves a hammer being lifted and dropped onto a heated piece of metal that then allows you to heat and mold the metal into the desired shape. When the metal is heated it will soften the structure of it allowing it to be shaped and deformed into a shape by rolling and reshaping the metal. Once the metal has cooled it will solidify gaining increased strength in the metal.

What are the types of drop forging?

There are two main types of drop forging:

Open die drop forging: this type of forging is also known as Smith forging; the basic process is the blow of a hammer is used to hit the metal held in place by an anvil. The name comes from the style of forging, the open die part means that the metal being forged is not fully enclosed at the time of forging.

Closed die drop forging is also known as impression die forging, the basic process of this is a piece of metal is positioned into a die that is attached to an anvil, under a hammer. The hammer is usually shaped to help gain the forged part on the top and the bottom. The hammer will then be dropped onto the metal, delivering a powerful blow, the metal then fills the open spaces of the die which will result in the reshaping of the metal piece you are working on. The hammer can be dropped in quick succession or only a single blow may be needed.